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Kia Ora & Welcome,

It's hard to believe but six weeks have passed and the "dDub Comfort Tour" is now finished. This tour was the most successfull string of gigs to date. The boys brought the dDub experience to a whole new level leaving thousands of happy punters all round the country.

It all began in little old Coromandel on June 16th where a packed-out local crowd reeled in the first show of the tour. Saturday night saw a repeat of the hugely successfull Galatos gig in Auckland. Awesome visuals and lighting effects made this a night to remember.

Then it was off to Schnapps in National Park. To everyone's horror all roads were closed in and out of the park due to snow- luckily the sweet as road workers let "the band through" the road block. So we made it to the venue where a sell-out crowd bustled out of the icy chill, making it all worth it. Getting to Napier proved another difficult task, but eight hours of driving was again rewarded with a wicked packed and steamy sell-out crowd. Churs Napier!

After another week's break the South Island leg was upon us. Queenstown was the first stop with a performance at the sold out Winterfest Jazz Night. It was an awesome night playing along side good friends THE WBC and KORA .

After a few days of snowboarding and bungy jumping (yep it's scary as scary as it looks) the crew headed to Invercargill for a pumping Wednesday night show. Then to Dunedin where the Arc Cafe crew came out in good numbers for some more high energy vibes.

Christchurch was again a MASSIVE one at the Dux with tickets selling out hours before doors opened. We have to say we are reeealy sorry to all of you we had to turn away (about 200 says management). Looks like we'll have to get a bigger venue next time we're in the garden city.
But if that wasn't enough, Queenstown was almost equally as massive a sell-out again and the Dux had turn away heaps of people again.

Ok, I never thought I'd get sick of saying 'sell-out' but I think I am now. Hey, but I reckon that's definitely a good thing for now.
Listen out for dDub's new song on the radio "Comfort", the radio cut. The band have also just finished filming a video clip for the song, which is currently being edited, so watch Juice TV and C4 in the next few weeks for the latest in the dDub video story.
Also, it'd be awesome if you could ring/ text/ email your favourite radio station and Music TV to request our songs - it's amazing how the requesting really pushes the music along...getting the dDub vibe out there even more. Much respect and gratitude to those of you already supporting dDub this way, thank-you!

Check the new pics in the PHOTO GALLERY- JUICE TV LIVE SHOTS (courtesy Jason Hales - thanks!) Plus pics by Roger Grauwmeijer

Awake at Dawn Album Reviews

'Awake at Dawn' - reviews from Aotearoa.

"As soon as I hit play, I was hooked. The new album by dDub, 'Awake At Dawn', starts off with an explosive bang: straight into the lively upbeat sound of Dub. Rich in trumpets, saxophones, and trombones, and garnished with energetic lyrics; it is enough for me to say that 'Awake At Dawn' is my new favourite album."
  - Felicity,

“Awake At Dawn perfectly captures the spirit of a band who are renowned for the tightness of their live set… this album sees Auckland stake it’s rightful place in the Aotearoa dub scene” 

 "… Local skanksters dDub assemble a digital dance party piece that    could help snap the nation out of  it’s Prozac-reggae slumber.… Derek Browne [dDub frontman] is a master of sing along phrasing. … The production shines, Matt Shanks bass boasts more monster than King Kong.”

   -   The Herald Feb 18 02 06  **** 4 stars  Alan Perrott

“This sunny debut album from dDub might have had a gestation period longer than an elephant but it’s been well and truly worth the wait.  After four-odd years of touring NZ dDub are established as a great vibrant live band and this 11- track morsel captures their corpulent horn slash roots rock sound well.  Highlights? I say go with The Flow featuring the bright vocals of Caitlin Smith, the ethereal No Smoke and the lush Juju Mama but every track is uplifting and infinitely listenable.  I thoroughly recommend waking up early on Monday and getting your copy.  A slice of heaven made in NZ. "   
   -   Christchurch Press  18 02 06  ****^ 4 1/2 Stars  Vicki Anderson 

 “Named after the lengthy experience of recording during the cheaper graveyard shift, is the six strong Auckland band’s first full-length album.  A long awaited recording for their substantial fan base, it loses none of the magical essence of a dDub live show.  Pumping out a raw roots Pacifica aural experience with bold brass and unapologetic passion, it’s hard to imagine the band slogging it out in a studio “till the wee hours” while sounding like they’re on an outdoor stage on a summer’s day.  The lines flow: “I just want to make you see / You can come to me for comfort / An island when you’re lost at sea…”  And indeed if Aotearoa roots rock reggae culture could be called a living thriving smorgasbord of sound, dDub would be the mashed potatoes and mum’s pavlova.  Good old kiwi comfort food for the nations soul.  For every up-strum there’s an adjoining uplifting lyric or political entreaty. These boys are here to remind us that there are still good guys out there and they’re doing their damnedest to make the world a better place for us all. “                                                                                      
     -    Real Groove Magazine 03 2006 **** 4 Stars Sharyn Croft   

The wait is over for dDub fans – after the EP release last winter, many have been clamouring to get their hands on the Auckland outfit’s long-player.
Polished and complete, the album brings together a range of influences, including reggae, dub, ska, roots, and even a touch of flamenco, all performed with assured musicianship.
...jaunty and high-energy...dDub shows on this album it unequivocally hold its own, with some standout tracks sure to stamp its name firmly on the NZ dub circuit
Great listening.
      -   Otago Daily Times 25 02 06 - ***** 5 Stars Sophie Hazelhurst